Fashion Oscar Suites-Sofia Milos, Mon Atelier, Shekhar Rahate, Sisa Designs, Iso Beauty, Timmy Woods

Fashion and beauty from gifting suites celebrating the Academy Awards 2013 with Sofia Milos "CSI: Miami" on being red carpet ready and couture designer Mon Atelier, Shekhar Rahate and red carpet gowns, Simone Rodrigues from Sisa Designs on red carpet fashions, Iso Beauty's world's most expensive hair straightener at $500,000 and Timmy Woods art handbags. Fashion and accessory interviews with Joyce Chow (MBN Newsvideoweb) are from Doris Bergman's 5th annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge and Party and Roger Neal Style Hollywood Beauty and Couture Suite celebrating the Academy Awards®

Runway Finale ~ Sisa Designs

Runway finale for Sisa Designs. Event: Latin Fashion Week NY Location: Pillars, NYC Date: September 12, 2013 Photograph from Latin Fashion Week NY, Pillars, NYC, September 12, 2013. For more information on Latin Fashion Week visit ~ This is Revenge Fashion Magazine, fashion for all humankind. Revenge Fashion Magazine Fashion for all humankind Instagram @RevengeFashionMagazine

Fashion Designer Simone Rodrigues - Sisa Designs Part 2 of 2

Aaron M. Sanchez interviews Fashion Designer Simone Rodrigues in the LatinoGraduate series of Latin Rolemodels

Popimpresska Journal Presents SIsa Designs "Fashion After Dark" Interview!

Popimpresska Journal Presents SIsa Designs "Fashion After Dark" Interview! Twitter @popimpresskaj Instagram @popimpresska In Association with Sisa Designs Sisa Designs by Simone Rodrigues Jared Chayut - Videographer

Sisa Simone ' "Deep in The Sea" Fashion Freedom 2013 - Fashion Show

George Roberts interviews Sisa Sinome at "Deep in The Sea" Fashion Freedom 2013 - Fashion Show.

Sisa Designs Fashion Show at Sear House 2012

Simone Rodrigues, a fashion designer behind Sisa Designs produced an amazing fashion show that took place at The Sear House located in New Jersey USA in August 2012.

Simone Rodrigues - Sisa Design

George Roberts (Fashion Show) interviewing Sisa.

Sisa Designs Fashion Freedom Spring / Summer 2012

Sisa Designs by Simone Rodrigues April 28, 2012 at the Pantagis Renaissance Manor Scotch Plains, NJ Showcasing Spring / Summer Collections 2012 "Fashion Freedom"

Simone Rodrigues west coast debut of Sisa Fashion Designs in 3D

Interview with Brazilian designer Simone Rodrigues on her red carpet gowns for Sisa Fashion Design debuting on the west coast with Joyce Chow of MBN and Newsvideoweb in anaglyph 3D.